Surgery Without Research - Grievance LP

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Description: UK82 style feat. (ex)members of The Warriors.
Think of GBH, Varukers, Blitz, The Violators, etc. No less than 39 songs with a powerfull production!
Format & package: LP on black vinyl
Year of release: 1st of june 2016

A1 The System
A2 Grievance
A3 Government Dream
A4 Begging Bowl
A5 Government Lies
A6 1984
A7 Fight Back
A8 Creating The Sheeple
A9 We Pay The Price
A10 Money For Crap
A11 Crushed And Buried
A12 A Healthy Choice
A13 Die Tonight (Or Stand And Fight)
A14 Buy More Stuff
A15 Sheep
A16 Fake Celebrities
A17 Always In The Wrong
A18 Mobile Technology
A19 Spit Mask

B1 Once Upon A Time
B2 Religious Bullshit
B3 Forced Consent
B4 Woman Beater
B5 You Are The Terrorist
B6 Like Winter
B7 Greed
B8 This Is Your Government Culling
B9 Racist Scum
B10 Somethings Can't Explain
B11 The Bank Of Fools Gold
B12 Cuts
B13 War Heroes
B14 Paedophile Scum
B15 Disabling The Blind Spot
B16 Power Unpower
B17 Individuals
B18 No Hope
B19 Control Lies
B20 Lists

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