Disco-Antistat washing device generation II

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Disco-Antistat washing device generation II

New model now with hand crank and label seals!

For more than 35 years, "DISCO ANTISTAT" has been the ideal device for cleaning and preserving records. And now there is a new generation. The new Disco-Antistat development is here. With many new features and improvements.

With the new Second Generation Disco Antistat, you won't get dirty fingers any more! Because a practical handcrank is built into the case. Additionally, there are now new label discs with integrated rubber seals that protect the record label against moisture.

The washing body includes two goat hair brushes, which use the cleaning fluid DISCO ANTISTAT-TEXTURE during the washing process to clean and preserve your vinyls. The suspension axis of Disco Antistat can be used for singles and LPs and there are matching label sealing discs for them. After the cleaning process, the vinyls may be placed on the drainer to dry, so that the remaining liquid can run into the drip channel and you can once again store your dry and preserved vinyls. The drainer may be moved into the housing after use.

Delivery includes:
1 x wash housing with inserted bristles made of goat hair
1 x label sealing trays with suspension bar for singles and LPs
1 x bottle with 1 l cleaning fluid DISCO ANTISTAT-MIXTURE
1 x funnel (for filling liquid from washing housing into the bottle after use
1 x drainer with drip tray for 15 LPs or singles

Specification Description
Weight 2,5
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