Plizzken ‎- ...And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes LP

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This album, just like this band, feels like it’s decades old when only still emerging from infancy. The first 13 songs poured out of these seasoned veterans with speed and abundance, they are nothing short of inspirational. These songs are raw, real, and a reflection of life in a way most songs can’t capture. These words, and this record will endure; with a new song taking (or retaking!) its place as your favorite - multiple times. Pure rock n roll ear candy, with passionate political and social intent, hellbent on changing the status quo!!
Format & package: LP
Record label: Pirates Press
Year of release: 2021
A1 Wasted     
A2 Street Education     
A3 Breakout     
A4 Dead Or Alive     
A5 ...And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes     
A6 Dear All Happy People     
B1 In The Gutter     
B2 Beware     
B3 Stay Away     
B4 Memento Mori     
B5 Rude And Wild     
B6 Killed By Time     
B7 Unwanted

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