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It's a book. A collection of Ska gig photography by Mie Photos. 260 pages of photos interlaced with texts written by ska artists from around the world. It's a book that highlights the contrast between the racism out there and that family feeling that exists within the Ska scene, regardless of nationality, language, gender or colour.
It's a book that contains 355 photos of 47 Ska bands, a Bonus CD to listen to whilst going through the book, and 38 written contributions in ten different languages accompanied by translations into English. It's a book. A family photo album. A joint statement about unity, and against racism. A true celebration of diversity.
Featuring Stranger Cole, Mr Review, Los Placebos, Bad Manners, Doreen Shaffer, Soul Radics, The Upsessions and so much more.
Format: 21cm x 21cm, full colour and hardcover.
Year of publication: 2022
Number of pages: 260

Bonus CD tracks:
1. The Toasters - Two Tone Amry
2. Die Tornados - Memories Are Treasures
3. 8'6 Crew - Baisse d'un Ton
4. The Hacklers - Kick It Down
5. The Busters - 32 Again
6. Yellow Umbrella - Hooligans Of Love
7. No Sports - Stay Rude, Stay Rebel
8. Monty Neysmith - Live It Up
9. The Downsetters - Plastic Fantastic
10. Los Fastidios - I Have A Dream
11. Masons Arms - Zeit Zu Gehen
12. Mark Foggo & The Skasters - Yoyo
13. Babylove and the Vandingos - Old Man Trouble
14. Blechreiz - Gewalt Regiert
15. BB87's - Beer Like Water
16. Amsterdam Faya Allstars - Love Me Forever

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