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Curb Stomp are a streetpunk and Oi! band from Dortmund, Germany. It took the band over ten years for their debut album to come out, but the result is worth it! Already during the piano intro, the listener hears that every detail has been paid attention to on this album. Although playing a recognisable style, the band tries not to fall too much into streetpunk clichés. The album is called 'Edelweiß' ('Edelweiss') and both the album title as well as the artwork are meant as a tribute to the Edelweißpiraten, a group of young people in Germany who actively opposed the Nazi regime.
The songs on the album are characterised by a powerful production, without sacrificing the songs' authenticity. The songs have a clear head-and-tail which adds to their power and energy. And although the album lasts over half an hour, it is over before you know it.
Over the years the band played all over Europe and shared the stage with big names like the Cockney Rejects (England), Troopers (Germany), 4 Promille (Germany), The Oppressed (Wales), Loikaemie (Germany) and Roy Ellis a.k.a. Mr Symarip (Jamaica).
Roddy Moreno from The Oppressed and Sylvain from The Prowlers both make a vocal contribution in their mother tongue (English and French) to the song 'Antifascist Crew' (A.F.C.). This anthem sums up well what the band stands for. In the song 'Musik Der Unterschicht' Thomas Wettermann from the well known German band Loikaemie makes his appearance. 
Format & package: CD, jewelcase
Record label: Aggrophobia / Aggrobeat Records
Year of release: 2023
1. Intro
2. Nach All Den Jahren
3. Curb Stomp
4. Edelweiss
5. A.F.C.
6. Unser Leben
7. Heute Ist Der Tag
8. Musik Der Unterschicht
9. Sport Der Working Class
10. 1843
11. Klassenkampf
12. Freunde
13. Wie Stiefel Auf Asphalt
14. Outro

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