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Sandra Weitl-Ott - Mark Foggo: Slow Sucks BOOK (ENGLISH)

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Mark Foggo still lives up to this reputation today. Even at over 70, the ska singer and his band "Mark Foggo's Skasters" make the audience dance and party at his live performances until the hall boils and the sweat drips from the ceiling!
But who is behind the Englishman who is famous for his facial expressions and stage presence? Is he as funny in real life as he is on stage? Where does his relentless energy come from?
Already as a young man, Mark Foggo who rebelled against his parents as a punk of the very beginning wanted to become a musician at all costs and discovered ska for himself - always following his motto "I do not respond well to being told what to do".
Based on numerous interviews with music-loving author Sandra Weitl-Ott Mark Foggo shares his life and over 55 years of music history. A biography with lots of photos and anecdotes!
Format: 21cm x 14cm, with 100 pictures
Year of publication: 2023
Number of pages: 182

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