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There are few Jamaicans with such an impressive career as George Dekker. The carreer of the half brother of hitmaker Desmond Dekker gained momentum in the late 60ies when he joined the Kingstonian vocal group The Pioneers. The Pioneers is a name you may take literally: at a time when reggae and rocksteady were new and as yet unknown genres, The Pioneers scored hit after hit internationally. Thanks to their record deal with Trojan Records they were one of the first Jamaican acts with hit singles in Europe.
One of the first international hit songs by The Pioneers was 'Long Shot Kick The Bucket' from 1968, which - thanks to cover versions of The Specials and The Selecter - is still a popular song. Despite not being the fastest horse, Long Shot was famous in Jamaica for winning a race record by completing 202 races. During his 203rd race he dropped dead, just short of the finishing post. Horse racing and the associated gambling have always been popular in Jamaica, so it may come as no surprise that the 'Blackfire' album are inspired by these subjects.
The Blackfire album was written and produced by Boss Capone: core member, songwriter and producer of the Dutch early reggae band The Upsessions. After having written and produced five albums for The Upsessions (including one with Lee 'Scratch' Perry) and three as Boss Capone, this is his 9th album to date.
The vocal duties on the 'Blackfire' album are done by George Dekker and Boss Capone with guest appearances by Patsy, who also joined Boss Capone on his previous album 'Kings & Queens' (Aggrobeat Records, 2023). The backing tracks were recorded by Boss Capone with musicians of The Upsessions and The Steadytones.
In spring 2024 The Pioneers (with George Dekker, backed by Boss Capone) will tour throughout Europe. They will headline various festivals including Freedom Sounds in Germany and Zikenstock in France.
Format & package: Cassette
Record label: Aggrobeat Records
Year of release: 2024
A1. Mother Bang Bang
A2. Woman You A Scorpion
A3. Heléa
A4. Rosemary
A5. The Lion Catch The Fly
A6. Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing
B1. Don't Mess It Up, Caroline
B2. Blackfire (vs Apollo 14)
B3. Mother Hong Kong
B4. Diamonds & Rubies & Pearls
B5. Poison Ivy
B6. I've Got To Bit The Dust

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