Boss Capone - Another 15 Dance Floor Crashers LP

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Description: Sensational debut album by this Dutch boss reggae band. Side project from The Upsessions. If you like your reggae dirty with loads of hammond organ and skillful song writing, this one's for you!
Format & package: LP
Year of release: 2013


Beschreibung: Das sensationelle Debüt Album der niederländischen Boss Reggae Band. Die Band ist ein Sideprojekt von The Upsessions. Wenn du deinen Reggae mit viel Hammond Orgel und schmutzigen Texten magst, dann ist dies die richtige Platte für dich!
Format & Verpackung: LP 
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013

A1  River Of Tears
A2  Dog And Bone
A3  That Wasn't Worth Me Dollar, Girl
A4  I'm The Law
A5  Little Reggae Girl
A6  Colt 45
A7  Get A Grind
A8  Do The Fatwalk (Aka The Fatwalk)
B1  Big And Fearless Cat
B2  Heavy Load (Version)
B3  Boss Capone
B4  Pussy Corner
B5  Who The Boss?
B6  Wet It Up
B7  No Toys In The Yard (Billy The Kid Vs Dracula)

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