The Movement - Move! LP (+ bonus tracks)

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Please not this pressing has a different tracklisting than the 2016 pressing!


THE MOVEMENT is a power-trio from Copenhagen founded by Lukas Scherfey in 2002. They play a kind of mod-rock and are influenced by bands like THE JAM, THE WHO or THE CLASH. THE MOVEMENT is a high energetic band and kicks off on stage so that people can't stand still - they just have to move!

But THE MOVEMENT is also strongly committed to serving the working class. The main objective is to encourage young people to resist and question everything. In that matter THE CLASH has been a great influence: "politics and poetry". Their influences range from Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Marx to Joe Strummer and Paul Weller. And luckily there's a new and constantly growing generation of young kids that is interested in political questions, expressing deep, fundamental criticism and rejection of the global effects of capitalism and its mechanisms of exploitation, war and oppression. Young people searching for truth and enlightenment in times of total manipulation, lies and darkness. THE MOVEMENT is dedicated to all of them.
Format & package: LP on 180grams red vinyl
Year of release: 2018 (reissued from 2003)
A1 How Come?     
A2 Get Pissed     
A3 Truth Is...     
A4 One Way Culture     
A5 Turn Away Your Face     
A6 Wasted Youth     
A7 Still An Echo     
A8 Losing You     
B1 Control Your Temper     
B2 Play It Safe     
B3 I Need You     
B4 Throw It All Away     
B5 Waiting
Bonus Tracks:     
B6 Since You've Been Gone     
B7 I Can Hardly Live Without You     
B8 Let Me Love You     
B9 A Song To The Movement

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