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The fruits of their labor, the albums A Revolutionary Dream (1976) and the follow up A Song (1980) are considered to be two of the greatest releases ever to come out of Jamaica. Pave the Way (1981), the third and final chapter int the trilogy of works by Geoffrey Chung, and Pablo Moses, will now find its rightful place as one of the greatest reggae albums of all time. The recording session has been preserved from its original format, taken straight from the pre-master 1/4 reels (the original 2-track masters were destroyed years ago). There were nine reels in all, pancacked for nearly 25 years and shipped from JA to DC into the hands of Jim Fox. Legendary engineer Jim Fox of Lion & Fox Recording Studios USA did all th preservation work on this recording. Much respect goes out to Pablo Moses who was able to retrieve and house the original tapes int "mint" condition all these years. The full-length album is featured here alongside the full deb version, giving fans the total experience of this classic recording.
Format & package: LP
Record label: Only Roots / Baco
Year of release: (reissued from 1975)
A1. I Love I Bring
A2. Be Not A Dread
A3. Give I Fe I Name
A4. We Should Be In Angola
A5. Come Mek We Run
B1. Revolutionary Dream
B2. Where Am I
B3. I Man A Grasshopper
B4. Corrupted Man
B5. Blood Money
B6. Lonely Singer

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