Ibrahim Hesnawi - The Father Of Lybian Reggae LP

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Habibi Funk Recordsis digging deep to present the songs of Ibrahim Hesnawi, otherwise known as “The Father of Libyan Reggae.” Kingston meets Tripoli in this incendiary collection of Arabized roots, dub, dancehall and more. Featured on Habibi Funk’s last compilation (HABIBI015) with his track “Tendme,” Hesnawi crafts restless funk with evident buttressing from a reggae foundation. Highlighted across the LP is how Hesnawi essentially pioneered such an effortless synthesis between traditional Libyan music and Jamaican reggae stylings, plus the endlessly disparate funk, jazz, and disco accents which firmly situate Hesnawi in a league of his own. 
In many countries, reggae was a widespread fad before its popularity gradually subsided. In Libya, however, the genre remained popular since its initial introduction in the late 1970s. Reggae’s thematic throughlines like references to Pan-Africanism, liberation, and the end of oppression and exploitation resonated - and continues to resonate - forcefully amongst a Libyan audience. And no matter who you ask, chances are high that the genre’s popularity in Libya will be largely attributed to one man: Ibrahim Hesnawi.
Format & package: LP

Record label: Habibi Funk Records
Year of release: 2023 (compilation)
A1. Never Understand
A2. Tendme
A3. Only World Ft. Suzan
A4. Kesati
B1. Tayr Al Salama
B2. Al Hob Wal Salam
B3. Fouhi Ya Nesma
B4. Enti
B5. Watany Al Kabir

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