The Inciters - The Bring Back The Weekend LP

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“We wanted to keep it feeling live, not a ‘live album,’ but our energy. We recorded as much as possible all together. We had the rhythm section in the main room, the horns in a booth (a big booth), but [there was] also a large window so the horns could see the rhythm section. All the horns recorded at the same time so we could capture the feel. The singers were in another booth.” says trumpeter Rick Kendrick. “There was the usual overdubbing and whatnot, but for the most part this captures our energy…I guess you could say our ‘soul!’”
These recordings are by far the band’s best work - capturing the energy and spontaneity of their live show - 11 tracks of upbeat, hard-partyin’ soul stompers! The band can also be caught doing what they do best, embarking on their first European tour in over five years following the release of the LP.
Format & package: LP
Record label: Pirates Press
Year of release: 2023
A1. Bring Back The Weekend
A2. If I Didn't
A3. Love Comes Around
A4. Boot N Soul
A5. Walking Away
B1. Up In A Puff
B2. We Gave It A Good Run
B3. Only Time Will Tell
B4. Waiting By The Phone
B5. Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)
B6. Always, Sometimes, Never

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