Yabby You Meets King Tubby ‎- Walls Of Jerusalem DOUBLE LP

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‘Walls of Jerusalem’ is a unique musical collaboration between the producer Yabby You and the legendary dub master King Tubby. ‘Walls of Jerusalem’ was the last full-length project they worked on together. For years this release lay buried in obscurity: original copies came out, in minute quantities, on the Prophets Label in a blank, white sleeve. A later issued even misnamed the artist. Yet the music within is deep roots of the highest quality – mesmerizing tracks that illustrate Yabby You’s particular sound and spiritual vision. Disc One presents the album in its original form, showcasing King Tubby’s virtuosity as an engineer, deliberately shaping a sophisticated stereo mix to aid in the creation of a bold, artistic statement. Disc Two includes a number of never-released studio outtakes, alternate mixes and instrumental cuts of some of Yabby You’s most classic tunes.
Format & package: Double LP
Record label: Pressure Sounds
Year of release: 2019 (reissued from 1976)
A1 Yabby You - Walls Of Jerusalem
A2 Yabby You - Chant Down Babylon
A3 Yabby You - Fire Round Town
A4 Yabby You - Plague On The Land
A5 Yabby You - Tribulation
A6 Yabby You - Go To School Jah Jah Children
B1 King Tubby - Dub Of Jerusalem
B2 King Tubby - Chanting Dub
B3 King Tubby - Firey Dub
B4 King Tubby - Dub Plague
5B King Tubby - Tribulation Dub
B6 King Tubby - School Days Dub
C1 Vivian Jackson And The Prophets - The Man Who Does The Work     
C2 Dada Smith And The Prophets - Valley Of Joeasaphat     
C3 Vivian Jackson And The Prophets - Go To School Jah Jah Cildren     
C4 Vivian Jackson And The Prophets - Love Of Jah     
C5 Tommy McCook - Sand In My Shoe     
D1 The Prophets - Jah Vengeance     
D2 King Tubby - Greetings     
D3 The Prophets - Fire Fire Dub     
D4 The Prophets - Stand Up And Fight Dub     
D5 King Tubby - Sand In My Shoe Dub

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