U-Roy - Dread In a Africa LP

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Quotes from Alvin Ranglin taken from an interview (
©) by Aad Brakus aka Dr. Buster Dynamite:

Alvin Ranglin's memories about his productions with U Roy: "At the time I started working with U Roy on the Dread In A Africa in 1975, I already recorded a few good songs two-three years before with him. But sometime after this project with U-Roy my Record Village Shop at 5 Hope Road - on Half Way Tree - got broken into, and these thieves set the place on fire. At the back of the shop I had a store room in which I kept many of my tapes. So some tapes were destroyed with songs from artists like Eric Morris and also some of the U-Roy project. I rented that place from a Chinese lady and she wasn't insured so I lost a lot of money there! At that time this all happened I was in England for business. So it was very stressful to me as you can imagine.
Anyhow, I decided a year later on to release the five songs I still had on tape with some instrumentals from the backing band Skin, Flesh and Bones, as a kind of showcase album. I don't know what happened at Dynamic Sounds where the album master was cut by Carlton Lee. Something went wrong as the stamper didn't came out 100% as it should have been. Anyhow, I pressed a very small number of the album, around 12 copies or so, and put them in blank jackets as I didn't made a printed jacket yet. As I rented a shop to Tony Robinson on Slip Road it makes sense a few of the U Roy albums are carrying his sticker.
I didn't got a good reception on the test pressing so I just disbanded it as I tought it was better to concentrate on recordings I did with Gregory Isaacs and The Maytones, which were big sellers at the time. U Roy was ofcourse going strong with Tony Robinson as his producer in 1976, so I'm glad after so many years passing by this album is finally getting a proper release on the Jamaican Art label".
All selections written by U Roy and Alvin Ranglin, produced and arranged by Alvin Ranglin, backed by the Skin Flesh & Bones band. 
Format & package: LP in gatefold cover on 180 grams vinyl. 
All tracks were mastered from the original master tapes.
Record label: Jamaican Art Records
Year of release: 2022 (reissued from 1976)
A1 Children Of Jah

A2 Move Out Of Pharaoh Land
A3 Dread In A Earth
A4 Dread In A Africa
A5 Nana Banana
A6 354 (bonus track)
B1 Idlers Rest
B2 Ghetto Dub
B3 Rentu Skank
B4 Danger Track
B5 War In A Jamdown
B6 Dreadlocks Dub (bonus track)

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